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Anxiety Dunkeld

Anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are commonplace in the UK population and are medical conditions. As such you must seek assistance from a medical doctor as well as seeking appropriate support in terms of counselling, hypnotherapy or coaching.

Complementary Health therapists like ourselves do not diagnose, and do not claim to treat the condition directly. When it comes to medical conditions like anxiety, counselling or life coaching and other complementary methods can be extremely helpful as part of an overall care plan and management plan, but may not be called a "cure". This said, most GP's are happy for their patients to also seek private therapy support from properly qualified practitioners, since the value of emotional support is clear.

Anxiety is usually best treated as a care plan:
1. Always seek support from your GP
2. As long as there is no objection on medical grounds (very rare) it is usually a good idea to seek counselling, coaching or other similar support.
3. Consider support groups, self help reading and self help methods. A good Life Coach can help you with these.
4. Maintain contact and support with your GP or specialist so that you continue to maintain medically qualified supervision.

Coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy with anxiety in Dunkeld

Counselling and coaching methods do not "treat" or attempt to "cure" the actual anxiety . We are not allowed to call it that because it is against UK advertising regulations, and for good reason. What we can do however is address the causes for the anxiety if those are transitional, trauma, grief, bereavement or learning related. Therefore if your anxiety is caused by a trauma or grief for example, we can work on that, and by dealing with it you may be able to overcome your anxiety. Hypnotherapy can both assist with relaxation therapy, and act as a perception and behaviour modification tool. Coaching can modify lifestyle and social factors.

In other cases anxiety and other conditions are clinical and organic in nature. In other words they have a physical causation. Where the cause is physical and not emotional, therapy can not "remove" or "address" the actual cause as it can in many emotional conditions. Instead the emphasis is on helping the client to manage the condition better, reducing symptoms, enabling early warning, and providing self help tools to improve the quality of life.

Therefore if the anxiety is caused by life events, and is emotional in causation, we can address that cause, thus helping you take away the source of the anxiety. This can provide substantial or total relief in many cases as the clients themselves may then recover from the resultant condition.

If the condition is physical in causation, then the quality of the client's life can be greatly improved through better self care, self help and management skills, as well with dealing with the resultant emotional stress of the condition through therapy and support. Where the condition does have a physical cause, clients are warned to be particularly careful in taking themselves off any medication. We as complementary therapists do not attempt to replace medical treatment, indeed we work with conventional medicine practitioners. You should never cease taking medication without consulting your medical doctor first!

Eastern psychology methods including mindfulness, Naikan, Morita and Satori are also helpful, and all these are available seamlessly as part of our service.

Anxiety UK recommend CBT and hypnotherapy as appropriate treatment methods. Both are available. Stuart is a CNHC registered Hypnotherapist -  the official UK regulator.

Uni-Polar Depression and anxiety in Dunkeld

Most clients tend to suffer from "uni" polar depression, which migh also involve anxiety, that is to say that they suffer from a depressed state, and not from mood swings into an "up" or "elevated" state. Often referred to as "clinical anxiety".

BiPolar depression with anxiety in Dunkeld
Often referred to as the older term "manic depression", this type of depression with anxiety has mood swings both into depression and anxiety, and up into a hypo-manic or manic state. Thus the sufferer will tend to have times of deep anxiety and depression, and times of excessive manic and inappropriate behaviour.  More information on mood disorder management HERE

Transitional anxiety
This is the type of anxiety that results from life events. This might include bereavement, redundancy, illness and injury. If left untreated it may well become a longer term condition, but if caught early may be completely resolved. Counselling and holistic therapy, as always in addition to medical advice via your doctor, are very effective in helping people to resolve these passing issues.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Anxious Personality Disorder

These disorders are more complex and are long term conditions. Anxiety is often increased by having multiple issues to deal with at once. Periods of anxiety often peak after 10 mins and then remain for a prolonged period of time. Often the sufferer will remain anxious for days or longer at a time with peak periods within that time. Known symptoms include irritability, muscle and back pain, headaches, frequent urrination, palpitations and shortness of breath. You should consult your GP if you have these symptoms in order to check for alternative causes.

Be proactive

If you have a lifestyle that is challenging or stressful, or if you simply feel under pressure, it makes sense to have life coaching support on a regular basis, perhaps one session per one or two months. This provides support and a way of "off loading", as well as providing an opportunity to have proactive responses to problems. Sometimes if you do this, you can "catch" problems before they become more serious, resulting in conditions such as anxiety.

If you are suffering from any type of anxiety, or mood swings, counselling, psychotherapy and CBT may be extremely useful in managing your condition. Please note however that these are only appropriate in addition to medical supervision, and you must stay in contact with your medical doctor.

As well as comprehensive training and qualification in a range of therapies applicable to this topic, Denise has completed "Anxiety and anxiety: in association with NICE" CPD with British Medical Journal Learning and Stuart has completed "Depression and anxiety: in association with NICE", "Bipolar disorder: management in primary care - in association with NICE", "Bipolar disorder: management in secondary care - in association with NICE" CPD courses with British Medical Journal Learning.

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In the first instance drop us an email or use the feedback form to contact us. We can then advise whether we feel we can appropriately assist you.

Denise is a CCC registered counsellor, Stuart is a NCP and NACHP registered psychotherapist and  counsellor, IPP psychologist (with a MSc Psychology) and  CNHC registered hypnotherapist. (CNHC is the official voluntary regulator for hypnotherapy in the UK)

Stuart has completed the BMJ in partnership with NICE CPD training module in Generalised Anxiety Disorder. he is also an Anxiety UK approved therapist.

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From 2010 psychological therapy will also contain elements of mindfulness and CBT in order to increase client development between sessions.

Mental health treatment is based around methods recommended in NICE guidelines, and those fully researched as effective such as CBASP. More information on both adherence to NICE guidelines and on underpinning research please visit our other site www.psychoanalysis.center

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We adhere to appropriate National Occupational Standards, carry professional insurance and support voluntary regulation of therapists. We are both subject to regulation in therapy. Both therapists area CNHC registered hypnotherapist (voluntary regulation of hypnotherapy).  Both therapists are registered on both CNHC and FHT PSA Accredited Registers. Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers are for healthcare practitioners not subject to statutory regulation.

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