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Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are commonplace in the UK population and are medical conditions. As such you must seek assistance from a medical doctor as well as seeking appropriate support in terms of counselling or coaching.

Complementary Health therapists like ourselves do not diagnose, and do not claim to treat the condition directly. When it comes to medical conditions like depression, counselling or life coaching and other complementary methods can be extremely helpful as part of an overall care plan and management plan, but may not be called a "cure". This said, most GP's are happy for their patients to also seek private therapy support from properly qualified practitioners, since the value of emotional support is clear.

We use philosophies from eastern culture such as Reiki, Qi Gung, mindfulness training, Naikan Meditation and Morita Psychology.

Depression is usually best treated as a care plan. We refer to western terms below for easy understanding. 

1. Always seek support from your GP
2. As long as there is no objection on medical grounds (very rare) it is usually a good idea to seek counselling, coaching or other similar support.
3. Consider support groups, self help reading and self help methods. A good Life Coach can help you with these.
4. Maintain contact and support with your GP or specialist so that you continue to maintain medically qualified supervision.

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Mental health treatment is based around methods recommended in NICE guidelines, and those fully researched as effective such as CBASP. More information on both adherence to NICE guidelines and on underpinning research please visit our other site www.psychoanalysis.center

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We adhere to appropriate National Occupational Standards, carry professional insurance and support voluntary regulation of therapists. We are both subject to regulation in therapy. Both therapists area CNHC registered hypnotherapist (voluntary regulation of hypnotherapy).  Both therapists are registered on both CNHC and FHT PSA Accredited Registers. Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers are for healthcare practitioners not subject to statutory regulation.

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