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Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP in Dunkeld

NLP is often misquoted or misunderstood. At it's heart it is a modelling system developed by Bandler and Grinder. It's true purpose was to find ways of modelling experts in their fields, find out why they were so good, and enable other practitioners in their fields to recreate that brilliance. Thus NLP soon became associated with the search for excellence.

NLP is usually associated with two areas: Marketing and Therapy. This is because business marketing including sales, and personal therapies were the main areas that were modelled. Thus sales, psychotherapy, Gestalt, CBT, Hypnotherapy, group therapy and a range of other source material were examined and modelled.

The practical result was that a rich diversity of highly applicable tools, methods and systems were accumulated. In theory this meant that the "best" of a range of systems was modelled and practitioners of NLP would then be able to apply these at a similar level to the "best experts" in the field.

In practice of course things are a little different. It is true that the toolbox associated with NLP is diverse and highly applicable. In cases where the client has no deep underlying problems that need clinical or holistic treatment, NLP can be highly effective. The highly accessible and "easy to learn" methods work very well with minor or surface issues and for personal development. 

For deeper underlying issues the client should be careful of seeking NLP as a source of rapid easy answers! This is not what NLP is really designed for. The tools available in NLP elicit rapid change and personal development through empowerment, personal training and behavioural change. It is a rapid change therapy and does not truly address deeper emotional issues. Therefore if you are looking to "improve" something or have minor problems, NLP could provide rapid results. If you have deeper issues then NLP alone is not appropriate.


NLP in combination with professional therapies in Dunkeld

If combined with professional therapy methods, NLP can really come into it's own. Because NLP practitioners have studies BOTH the toolbox associated with NLP, and the ability to model other methods, a professional therapist with NLP training is able to add many more tools and competencies onto their existing professional training. 

A well qualified therapist who is also NLP trained is able to use professional therapies where appropriate for underlying issues, and NLP tools where appropriate for client empowerment. This combination is highly powerful. 

Note to readers: the exact content of NLP practitioner training courses is not a fully agreed area, thus different training courses may emphasis different content. Sample content is available at the ANLP (Association for NLP) website. However the variance in content makes it even more important to seek support from a practitioner with a sound therapeutic background in the area you need support in.

Stuart has a BSc IIT specialising in Human Resources and systems modelling, and a MSc Psychology. He also has an NVQ Level 4 Training and Development and an ASET level 3 NLP.

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