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Shamanism and Primal Therapies

The shaman has been the "wise one" of the tribe or village in times past and has examples in many of the cultures around the globe.

What is shamanic healing?

There are a number of methods by which the shaman assists the client. Historically this is known as healing, however in today's age this is no longer accurate. Complementary therapists can not claim to "heal", but to assist the body and mind to heal itself. In modern times the processes of shamanism are often used in the context of primal psychotherapy.

What methods are used?

1. Soul retrieval. A form of healing past life regression, seeking to heal the pain and damage sustained in previous lifetimes.

2. Energy use and attunement. Shamans believe that all life is made of energy. Feeling, sensing, and flowing with energy (rather than resisting energy) makes a massive holistic change to life quality.

3. Shamanic life coaching. Living life in a way that is holistic and not self destructive,

4. Learning self-healing methods. Meditation, shamanic journey, use of healing energy, healing crystals, healing colours, healing sound.

5. Shamanic journey. Seeking your inner guardian animal and spirit. Finding knowledge from the esoterical side of life. Seeking answers, guidance and inspiration.

6. Primal Therapy.  Closely related to shamanic therapy this form of psychotherapy looks to address primal drives and energies using rich symbolism and shamanic type processes.


Choosing a Shamanic Therapist

There is no standard qualification for a Shaman, or therapists using shamanism. There is for example no shamanic register! Therefore use common sense. Is the person clearly of a spiritual nature (e.g. in a multi-faith clergy or healing church), are they qualified therapists (e.g. counsellor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist), are they experienced enough to use regression techniques (e.g. hypnotherapist / NLP practitioner), do they have any qualification as a healing practitioner (e.g. reiki master). Do they abide by a code of conduct and ethics and professional registration as a therapist? If there is an element of training, then the therapist should also have a training or coaching qualification of a recognisable national standard.

So where do I start?

Your first session, as with all professional therapy, will be based around assessing case history and presentation. 

As part of this first session, a plan is put together, drawing from all the resources and techniques available, to design a course of development just for you. All courses are unique, since all clients are unique.

Where self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, visualisation and most related methods are used, commonly a recording is made of the live session for the client to work with at home.

The award winning "Stress Pack" is also used in many cases to enable ongoing personal development between sessions of training. 

The goal of the training sessions is to assist the client in dealing with current issues and complaints AND leave them better equipped for life in the future. It is a journey of assistance and self-discovery.

We adhere to the NOS National Occupational Standards for Healing, and Stuart is the course author for an ASET Level 4 accredited Holistic Healing practitioner course, available via an ASET accredited College.

If you think you could benefit from a session, contact Stuart on the email address or pone number at the base of this page. 

Depending which venue is used, different groupings of treatment times are used, e.g. hourly sessions, two hour session groupings, even longer. The further away from home the practice location is, the longer the session hour grouping. 

Stuart has been using Shamanic therapy spiritual processes since 1996. He is attuned to "Activation of the Shaman" Reiki.

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