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You must complete a direct debit instruction. if you do not wish to renew then simply cancel the direct debit before the next one is due. direct debits keep our paper costs greatly reduced.

Student: £10 per year  
Studying towards an externally accredited award

Ordinary Practitioner: £50 per year 
In practice and adhering to NOS, but not yet in possession of an externally accredited award.

International Practitioner: £50 per year 
In practice and adhering to the rules and laws of the Country / State of practice.

Non- Traditional Practitioner: £50 per year   [New category from 2009]
In Practice in a healing style where qualification is by attunement or faith rather than qualification. Must adhere to Healing NOS or Reiki NOS where applicable in order to maintain appropriate standards and carry professional insurance. Also applies to ordained spiritual healers.

Associate Practitioner: £50 per year 
In practice, adhering to NOS and with a Level 3 externally accredited award.

Full Practitioner: £50 per year
In practice, adhering to NOS and with a Level 4 or above externally accredited award. Includes BSc, MSc and above from accredited universities.

All memberships are due 1 year from the date of payment. We will attempt to contact you in good time for renewal, we suggest a direct debit for your ease of payment. Please ensure we have your up to date email and that paypal have it too. If we can not contact you, your membership will expire and your professional cover and insurance may lapse.

Unsure if your award is to the required standard? Check whether the awarding body is accredited: Complete list of QCA approved awarding bodies HERE

Please note that practitioner level memberships include a validation charge that is split over the first 3 years. After 3 years a renewal rate applies, this is currently slightly lower than the initial rate but is subject to change.

2. Payment

Paypal payments sent to (paypal trading email).  Either use the form below or log in at and select "send funds" and enter as the recipient. Select "services" and add message stating your full name so we can cross reference your payment and your application form.

Questions and queries to the Director

Sign up for Subscription via paypal direct below.  You can cancel your subscription at any time but once the payment has been made you have only 7 days to inform us that you wish to change your mind, since you will immediately be receiving membership cover.

Practitioner Direct Debit

Automatic yearly renewal

Student Direct Debit

Student Direct Debit

3. Email any additional information such as copies of insurance or other certificates (external accreditation / university)  HERE