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BoatPsychotherapy  and complementary Health Services Available

Range of therapies

We have a broad range of therapies available, and these are available singly or in combination.

Stuart has been in practice since 1993, and in 1996 completed an NVQ Level 4 in Training and Development to TDLB standards in the context of complementary health education and stress management education. He was assessed on a range of therapies in both portfolio submission and actual practice including evidence relating to Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Exercise programmes, Diet and Nutrition, Martial Arts, Stress and Anger managment, Self Help training, Self help acupressure, self help massage, self help aromatherapy and many more. The assessment process took two years. The following listed items and awards are in addition to this level of qualification. Both practitioners are dedicated to ongoing additional training, currently this includes Denise undertaking a BSc, and Stuart undertaking an MSc, as well as vocational topic-specific awards and ongoing professional development courses. As can be seen below, both practitioners are already highly qualified with qualifications accredited by SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) and QCA (Qualification Curriculum Authority: England) approved awarding bodies.

  • Anger Management counselling: Main Practitioner: Stuart.
    Underlying issues, Behavioural Change, General Support. Unlike many "off the shelf" systems, this involves both behavioural change and dealing with the personal, specific causes for anger. More information on anger management HERE
    Also training provider for therapist training in anger management.
  • Counselling: Both practitioners.
    Various models available.  More information on Counselling HERE
    Accredited ASET course units completed including
    ASET Level 4 Professional Therapeutic Counselling.
    Level 4 Integrated Therapeutic Counselling
    ASET Level 3 Grief and Bereavement Counselling.
    Also course author ASET accredited units and related courses.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Training: Stuart
    Form of therapy or training that encourages changes in perception, thinking and behaviour. Applicable to a range of issues. More information on Cognitive Behaviour Training and Therapy can be found HERE
    Course author for ASET Level 5 accredited CBT award.
  • Couples and group work: Stuart
    Couples development support, holistic healing, couples coaching, Couples CBT, couples role play and discussion. Conventional, unconventional, family seperated, seperating all assisted. Gay, Lesbian and straight relationships supported. More information on couples assistance HERE
    Accredited ASET course units and related awards completed.
    Provided according to NOS Counselling 1995 and NOS Healing.

  • Crystal Healing: Denise.
    Healing provided according to NOS Healing. Also known as Gemstone healing. Diploma qualified with course now accredited ASET Level 3.
    Both practitioners use the term "therapist" and not "healer" since we wish to make it clear that assistance is holistic.
    More information on crystal healing HERE
  • Gay and Lesbian clients / issues: Both, mainly Stuart
    These tend to be counselling / coaching related issues therefore usually tend to be Stuart's clients. Both practitioners welcome Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual clients without bias or discrimination. Both actively accept and work on Gay related issues. Specific topics include anti-discrimination, abuse, relationships, acceptance and life coaching.
  • General health and Well-being: Both Practitioners
    Many self help issues either do not fall into one catagory, or are a combination of different therapies. Both practitioners combine these in a life coaching model and apply NOS Healing or other NOS where applicable, including the Allied Health Professions NOS. Stuart is also dedicated to Health Promotion and Education and is a Fellow of both the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, and the Institute of Health Promotion and Education.
  • Herbal products advice within nutritional coaching and therapy: Denise (not a herbalist)
    Using licensed traditional herbs and plants for holistic healing and case management.  More on Herbalism
    Accredited ASET course units completed.
    Provided according to NOS Herbalism.
    ASET Level 4 Programme Herbalism.
  • Holistic Healing: Both Practitioners
    Each practitioner specialises in different areas:
    Stuart in visualisation and trance work.
    Both in Colour therapy and Reiki.
    Denise in herbal, wiccan, crystal, energy, gemstone and nutrition.
    Both practitioners use the term "therapist" and not "healer" since we wish to make it clear that assistance is holistic.
    More about Holistic Healing HERE
    Various accredited ASET course units and courses completed.
    Provided according to NOS Healing.
    Stuart: Course author:
    ASET Level 4 Holistic Healing Practitioner course
  • Hypnotherapy: Mainly Stuart (CNHC registered)
    Behavioural change technique where psychotherapy, visualisation and affirmation techniques are used in a relaxed state often referred to as trance. More information on hypnotherapy HERE
    Provided according to NOS Hypnotherapy. Stuart is a recognised hypnosis instructor (Professional Board of Hypnotherapy). 
    Also ASET Level 4 Hypnotherapy Award.
  • Kinesiology: Denise
    Holistic indication, diagnositic and holistic healing tool.
    Specialised and energy methods used. More information on Kinesiology HERE
    Accredited ASET course units completed.
    Provided according to NOS Kinesiology.
  • Life CoachingBoth Stuart and Denise
    Generic and flexible personal development training where the client is taught self help and behavioural change methods from a range of sources. More information on life coaching HERE
    ASET Level 3 accredited.
    Course Author ASET level 4 Award
    NVQ C25 Coaching Unit
    Provided according to NOS Healing and NOS Counselling. NOS Life coaching in the workplace does not apply with private clients since it is more mentoring and employment based rather than therapeutic.
    ASET Level 4 accredited
  • Mindfulness: Stuart
    Mindfulness is derived from Eastern psychology and is similar in somes ways to CBT, combined with forms of meditation. It is very useful in assisting the management of intractible conditions and problems such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is also useful for general mental wellbeing. HERE
  • Morita: Stuart
    Morita is a form of Japanese Zen-based psychology. It has it's own models of the unconcious and has a strong emphasis on management of conditions and refusing the "victim" label.
  • Naikan: Stuart
    Developed from self analysis and analysis in the Buddhist tradition this is a form of eastern psychoanalysis combined with meditation. HERE
  • NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming: Stuart
    NLP is a wide ranging and difficult to define eclectic form of CBT and Coaching. It uses models of different therapies in an attempt to choose the most easily applicable and rapidly effective techniques. Often effective for behavioural change, personal development and tackling phobias. More on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) HERE
    NLP ASET Level 3 Award
    Assessed as part of NVQ Level IV Training and Development Award
    Contracted writer of Professional NLP training courses
    Author ASET Level 4 NLP Award
  • Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy: Denise
    Diet, nutrition, eating plans, allergies, intolerences, optimum nutrition and related issues. Weight loss and weight control are common issues. Also Eating disorders and addictions. Use of vitamins, herbs, biochemical salts etc. More information on nutritional therapy HERE
    ASET Level 4 Clinical Nutrition.
    ASET Level 3 Diet and Nutrition.
    Provided according to NOS Healing and NOS Nutrition
  • Pastoral / Spiritual issues: Both practitioners
    Both practitioners adhere to strict multi-faith principles and assist persons of all faith equally, without biased and without desire or intent to convert or influence. Pastoral counselling, spiritual healing, Wiccan Casting, Kaballa principles, Multi-faith counselling and Christian Counselling are all specific models available. More information on pastoral and spiritual issues HERE
    Accredited ASET course units completed.
  • Philosophy: Stuart
    Many philosophers from Aristotle to Nietzsche consider art to be therapeutic. Nietzsche and Jung both credit themselves with being psychologists through their philosophy, and many philosophers write about appropriate lifestyle, ethics and decision making from Plato to Kant and Bentham and on to Foucault (to name but a few). Often philosophy offers us more useful insights into human thought, the nature of life, ethics and related subjects than psychology, which is often sarcastically described as being about "rats and stats". Stuart has completed various philosophy undergraduate courses, is in the process of studying for a psychology and (western) philosophy BSc and has completed a D.Phil in Mindfulness in Eastern and multi-faith Philosophy & Theology. 
    He is attuned at Master level in multiple forms of Reiki including Zen Reiki, and has a deep interest in Taoism and Zen. He also uses interpretive Qi Gung in practice. 
  • Psychology: Stuart and Denise
    Both therapists have completed undergraduate modules in psychology and both are completing BA/BSc degrees in psychological courses. Stuart has a MSc in Psychology. HERE
  • Psychotherapy : Stuart
    Mental health support, proactive counselling skills methods, humanistic coaching, psychodynamic, Transactional analysis, CBT, Gestallt, and eclectic. More information on psychological therapy skills HERE
    Psychotherapy ASET level 3.
    Psychotherapy ASET Level 4 (advanced)
    ASET Level 4 Integrated Therapeutic Counselling

    Provided according to NOS Healing and NOS Counselling 1995
  • Psychotherapy : Stuart
    Mental health support, proactive counselling skills methods, humanistic coaching, psychodynamic coaching, Transactional analysis, CBT, Gestallt, and eclectic. More information on psychotherapy skills HERE
    Psychotherapy ASET level 3.
    Psychotherapy ASET Level 4 (advanced)
  • Relaxation therapy: Both practitioners.
    Used for stress reduction, holistic healing and general well being. Usually combined with other therapies.
    Accredited ASET course units completed.
  • Solution Focused therapy: Both Therapists
    Solution forcused therapy is essentially where the aims and objects of the therapy / coaching determine the techniques used. This is in contrast to traditional psychotherapy or counselling where the therapy provided is rooted in a specific school or schools of therapy (e.g. psychodynamic or humanistic). In solution focused therapy and coaching methods are selected on merit and are often modeled in a systems studies, analysis or NLP manner. CBT and Coaching are typical solution focused therapies, as are NLP and Hypnotherapy. Bother therapists are Registered founder members of the "Solution Focused Therapy" division of the SHTC.
  • Sports Coaching: Mainly Stuart
    Exercise programmes, sports hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, hands on training and coaching, Martial Arts, life coaching.  More information on Sports Coaching HERE
    ASET Level 3 Life Coaching
    Experienced Martial Art Coach (5th Dan).
    ASET Level 3 Neuro Linguistic Programming
    NVQ Level IV Training and Development
    Provided according to appropriate NOS and NOS Allied Health Professions.
  • Stress Management counselling: Mainly Stuart.
    Many therapies claim to provide stress management. This is not strictly true in most cases. Virtually any therapy or personal attention can assist in reducing the symptoms of stress, but only specialised support addresses the underlying issues and causes. True stress management combines self help, coaching, Stress Innoculation Training, CBT and tackles the underlying causes of stress. More information on stress management and stress control HERE
    Accredited ASET course units completed.
    Course author Therapist training package in Stress Management
    Course author Industry Award Winning "Stress Pack".
  • Traditional Therapy and Medicine: Both Practitioners.
    ASET Level 4 Oriental Health Diagnosis
    ASET Level 4 Complementary Health
    Ayurvedic Medicine Diploma
    ASET Level 3 Chi Kung 
    Qualified Martial Art Instructor with experience of both Self Defence and Health & Wellbeing models of the Arts (4th Dan).
    Author Japanese Healing Practitioner Training Course &
    ASET Level 4 Holistic Healing Practitioner course
  • Offence and Remedial work: Both Practioners
    In addition to a wealth of experience and related awards, specifically Denise:
    ASET Level 3 Criminology

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