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Welcome to the SHTC (Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches) Training Services.

We are a UK Based professional association of therapists and life coaches formed to represent those therapists and coaches who have externally accredited qualifications to appropriate standards. We exist to enable the public to contact appropriately qualified therapists, and to provide professional support and registration for our members. Our training consists of two parts: externally accredited training available via our colleagues at SAC, and professionally run workshop training in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Training Services

We have written a series of externally accredited practitioner training courses which are provided and assessed via colleagues at Stonebridge Associated Colleges. These provide in depth theoretical and knowlege training in each therapy topic. Tuition and assessment standards are enforced by externally accrediting awarding bodies (QCA approved awarding bodies).

Those students who are already practising and experienced therapists often choose to complete these distance learning programmes in order to update their skills, in order to gain external certification for their skills or as continious professional development training.

New therapists often complete these distance learning courses, and then wish to add comprehensive case study and practical training to them, in order to create a more well rounded and professional combination of qualification and training. This practical training is recommended but not compulsory. Graduates of the distance learning courses who are unable to complete practical training can still gain insurance through our secondary insurance scheme, together with registration for practice and access to supervision and support.

Our Edinburgh based system of 6 weeks case study (over 100 hours) followed by an intensive weekend (over 15 hours)  combines to provide a comprehensive and testing system of conversion from distance learning to practical trained therapist. The combination includes key areas such as National Occupational Standards knowlege & adherence, and practice sessions with a mock client (assessment, therapy and after care sessions). The SHTC insurance block policy for practical trained therapists accepts this combination as appropriate practical training for cover.

We do prefer therapists to have practical training as well as distance learning, but we recognise that some students are unable to manage practical training due to ill health, family committments or other issues. We have designed our practical conversion course to minimise disruption, but if you are unable to attend any practical training we have registration, insurance and supervision strategies to support the purely distance learner.

  • For externally accredited distance learning courses written by SHTC staff click HERE

  • For practical workshop training suitable for converting distance learning to practical trained therapist click HERE